10 thoughts on “Robert Frost

  1. dale

    I get cranky about Frost sometimes, but he’s dead right about the ear. “Poetry must always sing,” said Yeats. Which is not to say it has to be pretty.

  2. gwilym williams

    Take care of the sound and the sense will take care of itself (or some suitable similar something) (Lewis Carroll, author of Jabberwocky, I think)

  3. Michelle Post author

    Paul, you’re one of the most prolific poets I know. Thank you for coming by – and for the Soundzine link.

  4. EKSwitaj

    While of course the ear is important, I think this reflects Frost’s tendency to oversimplify: the true writer and the true reader must be a synthesis of all their parts and every way in which they can receive and perceive.

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