8 thoughts on “Margaret Atwood’s ‘You Fit into Me’

  1. johemmant

    You know yesterday I went to a very harrowing exhibition at the Hayward Gallery……it dealt with contemporary slavery, Indonesian migrant workers, Bangledeshi children, Sudanese slaves, eastern europeans sold to the UK and others…..but the images that I can’t shake were 12 (?) huge canvases of old Korean women……close-ups of their faces and underneath bleak, terrible descriptions of their experiences as comfort women. No doubt you know the story, I did, forty men a day, beaten about the heads, all of this I knew, even that their feet were broken as a punishment for insubordination. But what was the fishhook in my open eye was the expression in theirs……a lifetime of suffering carried in their pupils, the darkness, the despair in two dark circles.

  2. Michelle McGrane Post author

    The exhibition sounds chilling, Jo. (When can I read your poem?)

    I admire Margaret Atwood’s succinctness.

  3. christine

    you brought out Jo’s passion here, Michelle. That’s good!

    Thanks for sharing Atwood’s words, which go right to the marrow.

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