An interview with Dara Horn

Born in 1977, Dara Horn received her PhD in comparative literature from Harvard University in 2006, studying Hebrew and Yiddish.  Her first novel, In the Image (2002), was awarded a 2003 National Jewish Book Award, the 2002 Edward Lewis Wallant Award and the 2003 Reform Judaism Fiction Prize.  In 2006, The World to Come was published to acclaim.  Horn’s work has appeared in many national and international publications, and she has written for Newsweek, Time, The New Republic and the Christian Science Monitor.  She has taught courses in Jewish literature and Israeli history at Harvard and at Sarah Lawrence College, and has lectured at universities and cultural institutions throughout the United States and Canada.  She lives with her husband and daughter in New York City.

Read my interview here.

5 thoughts on “An interview with Dara Horn

  1. Colleen

    Hi Michelle
    You are such a gifted interviewer. Amazing interview – am curious to hear how you have made contact with writers like Dara H and Sara W. However you have, good on you.

  2. Michelle Post author

    Thanks, Colleen. The way to contact an international author with an interview request is through their publisher – unless you know the author personally.

  3. Aine MacAodha

    What a dark horse you are, that was a great interview with Dara Horn, and thank you for introducing us to writers we my not of heard of, well done Michelle.


  4. christine

    Michelle, great interview! Horn is obviously a gifted, creative person. I was especially interested in her descriptions of childhood play – amazing. It sounds like her parents were very good at encouraging their children’s creativity. And then the children took off with their own interests and abilities.

    Thanks for sharing this! And congratulations on publishing the interview.

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