6 thoughts on “Kenneth Patchen

  1. Michelle Post author

    I can imagine, Jo!

    It’s a strongly worded quote, and really it’s the gist I agree with. Poetry lovers need to support poets they admire by buying their collections.

  2. Christine

    It’s true! Also requesting that local libraries purchase new volumes, as well as requesting them at bookstores. I do have a moratorium on buying any more books until I’ve read three quarters of the current ones, but that shouldn’t take me too long.

  3. Michelle Post author

    Of course, there are poetry lovers who genuinely cannot afford to purchase books. Supporting local libraries is an excellent idea.

  4. Andrew Oldham

    I gave a speech awhile ago, a UK state of the indistry speech, which is archived at:
    The same sentiments really. I have never understood poets or writers who do not read, it is akin to a Doctor who has never trained. Writers write, writers listen and more importantly they read. I agree with Michelle, we have public libraries, we have the web, we have second book stores, we have writers groups – read or be damned.

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