Poetry censorship is alive and well

The Waterstone’s Cardiff launch of darkness is where the stars are (Cinnamon Press, 2008), a poetry collection by Patrick Jones, was cancelled yesterday as the result of pressure from a religious group, Christian Voice.

Read what independent publisher, Cinnamon Press, has to say here.

Read the BBC article here.

Letters of protest may be sent to:

Waterstone’s Managing Director
Gerry Johnson
Tel:  020 8742 3800

11 thoughts on “Poetry censorship is alive and well

  1. Michelle Post author

    Great publicity for darkness is where the stars are, but I think Waterstone’s have done themselves a disservice.

  2. Jan Fortune-Wood

    Thanks for your support Michelle – it measn a lot to Cinnamon Press and to patrick that right inded people of all faiths and none think that free speech is vital to any civilisied society

  3. nathan1313

    This is another reason why putting our faith in the “free market” is not automatically a guarantee for freedom. Disgusting.

  4. Michelle Post author

    “Imagine books and music and movies being filtered and homogenized. Certified. Approved for consumption. People will be happy to give up most of their culture for the assurance that the tiny bit that comes through is safe and clean. White noise.”

    – Chuck Palahniuk

  5. Susan Richardson

    Fantastic that you’ve blogged about this, Michelle. So many of us here in Cardiff are in a state of shock (and outrage). I’m about to fire off my email of protest to Waterstone’s…

  6. johemmant

    My God. I am absolutely gobsmacked. In England? Really a big fuss needs making about this. I am going to write to Waterstones.

  7. johemmant

    I’ve just bought a copy of of the book direct from Cinnamon. I’ll let you know if I get a reply from Waterstones but I’m not holding my breath. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, M.

  8. christine

    More and more the younger generation is turning to atheism as a result of this kind of reactionary behavior on the part of the religious right. It is so common where I am in the US,
    this religious watchdog mentality. I do expect change in future years, though.

    Ironic, since our country was founded in part because of a desire for the right to express one’s religious views freely.

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