Sarah Hills

A massive thanks to my very talented friend, artist, musician and photographer, Sarah Hills, for designing the peony moon header.  It’s perfect, Sarah.  I love it.  Thank you.

Sarah was born in Banbury, Oxfordshire, and moved to South Africa when she was eight years old.  She studied Fine Art, majoring in painting, at the Natal Technikon.  The bass player for Sunways for seven years, she is currently working on a solo album and is returning to live in South Africa in December.

7 thoughts on “Sarah Hills

  1. Sarah Hills

    * thank you SO much for the kind words, msmabellish! and i’m honoured to have made something for your beautiful blog ~~~ *

  2. Michelle Post author

    Now let’s try it one more time … 😉

    Thank you, my friend x

  3. Michelle Post author

    I’m just teasing. You need to be a perfectionist when you’re an artist. Thank you for being so exacting too.

  4. Sarah Hills

    ha ha! whee ~ like it better now. will get onto some others for you soon so you can have an ever~changing look for your peeeohneee x

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