Pascale Petit’s ‘Chandelier-Tree’

Another poem from Pascale Petit’s new collection,
The Treekeeper’s Tale (Seren, 2008).

Pascale Petit

I find myself staring at the spaces between
fronds, where pure blue plumes appear,
the air painting itself on my eye.

And I see how the trunk doesn’t end
where a person can climb, but continues
to the redwood’s true crown, sky-feathers

piercing the stratosphere, blue forest
on blue, some white with lace frills
of finest cirrus, before the wide canopy

of night, its invisible leaves
suddenly alert with stars – how they are
glimpses of the tree of light.
Listen to Pascale reading “Chandelier-Tree” here.

7 thoughts on “Pascale Petit’s ‘Chandelier-Tree’

  1. Michelle Post author

    Hi Dave!

    Pascale, thank you for giving me permission to post it x

  2. bevaristo

    Thanks for your comment, Michelle. Nice blog. Will add it to my blogroll when I get round to re-entering all the blogs I erroneously entered in the first place!

  3. johemmant

    I bought this collection after you recommended it……not much of a hardship as I love The Huntress and it’s superb. So thanks, Ms M.

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