Six Seren poets read

Sarah Corbett reads “Killer Whales on a Beach in Fiji” from Other Beasts here.

Kathryn Simmonds reads “The Woman Who Worries Herself to Death” from Sunday at the Skin Launderette here.

Sheenagh Pugh reads “Webcam Sonnet 4: Now” from Long Haul Travellers here.

Carol Rumens reads “Women, Veiled” from Blind Spots here.

Robert Seatter reads “Learning Happiness” from Travelling to the Fish Orchards here.

Paul Henry reads “Daylight Robbery” from Captive Audience and “The Black Guitar” from Ingrid’s Husband here.

4 thoughts on “Six Seren poets read

  1. johemmant

    Well happily for me, I bought the Simmonds last week and already have a collected Rumens, so not such an expensive post *grin*. Seriously, they were all great, and I was glad to hear the Seatter.

  2. swimmingup

    Hope its OK that I import Carol Rumens and Paul Hentry reading their stuff onto my blog? Makes for such a shift actually hearing and seeing the poets saying their words.

  3. Michelle Post author

    Hi Sarah, I think the more people that hear these readings (and buy the collections, of course), the better.

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