Galway Kinnell

“Self-knowledge is always helpful to our well being – but if we divide humankind into the good and the bad – and put ourselves among the good and others among the bad or poor slobs, we can never write truthful poetry.  It’s all false, if based on that erroneous premise – that we are the pure poet and the stupid rabble is all to blame.  No doubt some people are morally better or worse than some others, but it is necessary to see that there’s no absolute classification . . . Knowing that what we call evil in others also exists in ourselves makes it more possible to write something that has authenticity.”

– Galway Kinnell

2 thoughts on “Galway Kinnell

  1. Michelle Post author

    Jo, how’s this for thought provoking (also Galway Kinnell)?

    “Never mind. The self is the least of it. Let our scars fall in love.”

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