William Stafford

“I have woven
a parachute out of everything broken, my scars
are my shield: and I jump, daylight or dark
into any country”

– William Stafford

Read more about William Stafford at poets.org here.

Read seventeen poems by William Stafford here.

Read “A conversation with William Stafford”, an interview by Jeff Gundy from Artful Dodge here.

3 thoughts on “William Stafford

  1. Joyce Ellen Davis

    I’ve been reading much of Wm Stafford these days (most recently, Early Morning, Remembering My Father by his son Kim).

    “When I write a poem,” he says, “it’s like I glimpse something far off–just a strip of the actual. It’s like seeing a strip of the universe between the slats of a picket fence..”

  2. christine

    It’s so interesting all these quotes. Your blog is becoming an inside view into a writer’s journal. Intricate image you share here.

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