Patti Smith

“You have to kick doors open yourself.  When people come up to me and say, ‘Patti, nobody wants to hear my CD and I don’t have enough money for equipment,’ I say, ‘Well, get a job, y’know?’  That’s what I did.  You get people who say, ‘The government won’t give me a grant and I can’t do my art.’  I say, ‘Fuck you, it’s your own fault, you expect the government to give you a hand?  The government is corrupt.  Do what it takes.  You do babysitting jobs, you work in the factory, you work in the bookstore or become a pickpocket, y’know?  But whatever. Get a job. ‘ Work is really good for an artist.”

– Patti Smith

3 thoughts on “Patti Smith

  1. Jo

    Well I don’t get paid for the work I do, but I never blinking stop working. Up at six, mothering till 8, jobs round the house and writing or doing the mag till I begin mothering again from 4 till 8 then an hour off to eat and then more cooking, tidying, writing………I’m tired just reading that *grin*. I do actually know a few people who’ve been lucky with grants, but my thoughts are don’t expect or rely on them. Just be happy if you get em!

  2. christine

    The work women do is undervalued. How many of us have postponed our writing, our creative output, to earn a living or run a household? Both men and women, but when women manage a home they are sneered at, or looked down on.
    Pattie is right, you’ve got to suck it up and produce, even if it’s not the outpouring of creativity you’d like.

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