The Zen of Seeing

“Everyone thinks he knows what a lettuce looks like.  But start to draw one and you realise the anomaly of having lived with lettuces all your life but never having seen one, never having seen the semi-translucent leaves curling in their own lettuce way, never having noticed what makes a lettuce a lettuce rather than a curly kale.”

– Frederick Franck, The Zen of Seeing:  Seeing/Drawing as Meditation

2 thoughts on “The Zen of Seeing

  1. johemmant

    When I’m writing poems, I see moments moving very slowly, like freeze frames and focus in on weird random details…….it’s something I love to do, just fixate on something but actually seeing them in your mind’s eye in all their detail is very tricky and then wording it harder still…..often I google image things, just for clarity.

  2. Pamela Hart

    This reminds me of something Georgia O’Keefe wrote about painting flowers…something to the effect that no one really looks at a flower because it takes time to really see and a flower is so small…the idea of slowing down and looking — and then trying to capture in words or with paint or clay or scraps of paper.

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