More postal poetry

I created my poetry postcard, “disco dreamz”, with a photograph called “Graffiti Behind Snow” taken by Mikey G Ottawa.  Thanks for allowing me to use the picture, Mikey.

Take a look at “disco dreamz” here.

4 thoughts on “More postal poetry

  1. Michelle

    The secret’s out. I’m a closet disco fiend. It’s John Travolta’s fault.

    Strut down Nostalgia Street:

    Saturday Night Fever

    Staying Alive

  2. johemmant

    Oh oh oh. Me too. John T was my first proper crush. My bedroom walls were plastered in posters of him and I spent hours daydreaming about one day being old enough. Nowadays, well no way. I loved SNF, it is a fantastic film and the music is wonderful (but then I’m a closet Bee Gees fan too).

  3. Michelle Post author

    Jo, you NEED to watch these two You Tube vids. I’ve been discoing and gliding and twirling through the house. My serotonin levels are soaring.

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