4 thoughts on “Allen Ginsberg

  1. Michelle Post author

    Me too, Carolee! It seemed suitable for a day when the planets are out of alignment.

  2. John Burroughs (Jesus Crisis)

    The first poem I ever read publicly was my “Allen Ginsberg Wants You.” It’s a bit naughty; so if you’d rather it not appear on your blog comments, please delete it. I won’t be offended. 😉

    Allen Ginsberg
    You sucked
    The cock of life
    Drained the bulging bone of its marrow
    Honed in on our howling
    With your eye on the sparrow
    And spit out godly children
    A spectacularly spiritual spawn to carry on
    Your sacramental work in our wordsick world

    A fellatio facial
    For earthfolk fine and fucked

    Allen Ginsberg
    Your poetic prick
    Penetrated us
    Probed the pettiness,
    Power and pride
    Hungrily hardening inside us

    Then withdrew to
    Spew your gooey godliness
    On the just and the unjust
    Before turning wholly dust

  3. Michelle Post author

    JC, if he’d heard it, Allen probably would have wanted you 😉

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