The Moon is Always Female

” …
when I work I am pure as an angel
tiger and clear is my eye and hot
my brain and silent all the whining
grunting piglets of the appetites.”

– Marge Piercy, from “The Moon is Always Female”

9 thoughts on “The Moon is Always Female

  1. dale

    Wow. Picture that! When I work I’m usually lecherous and muddy, and the piggies are singing choruses. Not all the time, I guess, but I can’t imagine doing most my work in such a sublime state. I’d never get anything done 🙂

  2. christine

    Dale’s comment cracks me up! So does your response. But what a beautiful poem. I think this is how it feels to break loose of the knots that bind us, the invisible hands that pull and keep us from creating. Those piggies.

  3. Roberta

    i liked that very much – i’ll have to look marge piercy up – the name is new to me.

    gabriel, the archangel who is ‘moon-lord-‘ tends to get referred to as a ‘he’ nowadays. but s/he’s fairly gender ambiguous. much further back, gabriel was more often female pronoun-ed. that always struck me as in interesting – as we seem to associate the moon so much with feminine energies.

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