Christopher Hope reviews André Brink’s A Fork in the Road in The Guardian

“The real kick in this book comes last.  After supporting all his life the vision of a better way for all in South Africa, Brink is appalled by what change has brought and he is not afraid to say so.  He tears into a governing elite who resemble nothing so much as the brigands they suceeded – who substitute for the vox populi of the ballot box the vox dei of the ruling party; preside over a “tsunami” of crime and violence that terrorises everyone in the country; prefer quackery to antiretroviral drugs in the fight against Aids; and unapologetically back tyrannies from Burma to Sudan and Zimbabwe.”

To read Christopher Hope’s full review of A Fork in the Road (Harvill Secker) click on the above link.

3 thoughts on “Christopher Hope reviews André Brink’s A Fork in the Road in The Guardian

  1. Alice

    Thanks so much for your comment! I appreciate your suggestion. I think I’ll try it. =)
    Nice post, the book looks fascinating!
    Have a great day!

  2. Michelle Post author

    Hi Alice, it’s a pleasure. Good luck.

    André Brink is a very good writer.

  3. Lucy

    I read an Andre Brink years ago, and it always stayed with me, though I didn’t read any more. Recently I read about the murder of his nephew, and how he said many people assume he will join the exodus of (better off) people leaving South Africa, but that he is determined to stay. It was very moving and impressive.

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