Good News

I am excited to be the first poet invited on board at Pindrop Press, a new independent poetry publisher with one foot in the United Kingdom and the other in the United States.

Established by the editors of ouroboros review, Jo Hemmant and Christine Swint, Pindrop Press will publish pamphlets (chapbooks) and full-length collections by new, emerging and established poets.

The publication of my third collection – and my first volume overseas – is planned for 2010, with a London launch.

15 thoughts on “Good News

  1. utopianfragments

    Mazal Tov, we say.
    and i am very happy i came by your blog here from the link over there.
    very inspiring.
    will come to visit again soon

  2. christine

    And a third foot in south Africa, so very exciting. I’m doing a little Irish dance around the coffee table. It is such an honor to play a part in sharing your work with the world, Michelle.

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