Jane Holland’s ‘Day Tripping’

Day Tripping
Jane Holland

Wasted again, I’m slumped
over a fold-up table
in a battered charabanc
by a Stygian river
       listening to nothing.
Slumped on both elbows
in whiskeyed vestments,
hair lank with the addict’s
unwashed sheen:
       three months now
unable to pray, or pay rent
or put pen to paper.
Slumped, unseen
behind the stained blind
       of a flyscreen
I listen to the wind-shear song
       of nothing
the thin translucent whine
       of nothing
until my bones begin to smoke
my eyeballs roll up white
       and sing.
First published in Camper Van Blues (Salt Publishing, 2008).

Read more about Camper Van Blues here.
Visit Jane’s blog, Raw Light.

9 thoughts on “Jane Holland’s ‘Day Tripping’

  1. verylikeawhale

    Oh wow – I love that ending – smoking bones and singing eyeballs..!

  2. johemmant

    Wow. That last stanza is amazing. Really enjoyed this and will look out for it too. Why are you always costing me £?

  3. Liz

    Love the rolled-up eyeballs ending – and how ‘white’ and ‘sing’ combine there…class poem – thanks for the read.

  4. Michelle Post author

    I particularly love “battered charabanc”, “whiskeyed vestments” and “wind-shear song”.

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