Gaia Holmes’s ‘Postcard’

Gaia Holmes

I will tell you
of the long, pale nights
and the lullaby of Curlews,
the sweet and salty winds
of Hoy and Papa Stronsay.
I will tell you
of the lime and peacock light
of the Aurora Borealis,
the early whispers of tide
tickling the gravel.
I will tell you
of the soft floss of Sea-thrift
blushing in the shingle
and the Rosa Rugosa
that frames the road.
I will not tell you
of the rotting seals that reek
in the first breeze of dawn,
the sour gales that pucker
the skin of the Isle.
I will not tell you
of the grey deadpan days
when the Redshanks
shriek their warning
and black magic
licks the shoreline.
I will not tell you
of my fear of stirring the tea
the wrong way,
my fear as I lay awake
feeling the rank mill dam
creep closer and closer.
I will not tell you
that I miss you.
I want to come home
and this North Sea brine
is rusting my heart.
from Dr James Graham’s Celestial Bed (Comma Press, 2006)

Read more about Gaia and her collection, Dr James Graham’s Celestial Bedhere.

12 thoughts on “Gaia Holmes’s ‘Postcard’

  1. hamodyong

    hello Gaia,

    Thanks for the beautiful poem. It is simply wonderful. I like it.


  2. Susan Richardson

    Thanks for this, Michelle – I so relate to the (nothern) landscape of this poem. Love the cover too – intriguing.

  3. Michelle Post author

    Isn’t the cover fantastic, Susan? Really original, like your Creatures of the Intertidal Zone cover.

    I’m pleased to have several more of Gaia’s poems to put up. I think she’s very talented.

  4. johemmant

    Okay, I bought. Ker-ching. Step away from your computer, Michelle. You cost me at least £25 a month 🙂 I want the last two recommendations too……

  5. Joey Co

    Hello9 Michelle,

    I wish I could write a poem as intense as she wrote it, and dedicate it to you. warm regards. have a blessed day

  6. Gaia Holmes

    wow. I feel happily nourished! Thanks for all your comments on my poems. They are muchly appreciated!

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