Selima Hill

“The very things I used to be told off for – daydreaming, exaggerating, making mistakes, wild guessing, contradicting, spying, being obsessive, being reckless – for these, suddenly, I am being praised.”
– Selima Hill

6 thoughts on “Selima Hill

  1. Carolee

    this is wonderful. you know what it does to me, though? turns me into a seven year old girl with curly pigtails, sticking my thumbs in my ears, wiggling my fingers, sticking out my tongue and saying, “na na na na. told you so! told you so!”

    now that’s a picture to be proud of.


  2. johemmant

    Laughing at Carolee’s comment. And yes, I was forever getting in schtuk for daydreaming, inventing stories, exaggerating, eavesdropping…….how useful these things are now.

  3. Pascale

    I used to be put in the cellar in infant/primary school in Paris for daydreaming and not noticing the bell had gone, and left in the dark, so Selima is so right. Now these dreaming times are essential for gestating poems and without them I don’t think my poems would arrive (like a light in the dark).

  4. Michelle Post author

    God, Pascale, it’s abominable to put a child in a cellar for daydreaming. Thank goodness for your dreaming times – and your poems.

    Another Selima quote:

    “I feel much safer faced with a blank piece of paper than I do with a real person.”

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