Frieda Hughes on reading her father’s poetry

“I was sitting on a train on the Northern Line some years ago, when I looked up and saw my name where usually there were adverts: Full Moon and Little Frieda.  The poem had been selected as one of the Poems on the Underground.  I looked away in disbelief; it must be some other Frieda.  But when I looked again it was the poem my father had written about me when I was a child.  My face was scarlet with self-consciousness; I had to remind myself that there were no gigantic arrows pointing down at me saying “this is the Frieda the poem is about”.
I wanted to share the moment with someone; I turned to the man sitting beside me and wondered how he would react if I grabbed him by the arm, shook him into consciousness and pointed, saying: “Look, look what my daddy wrote for me!”
Instead, I wrapped the idea of the poem around me like a coat, keeping my secret.”
Read The Times article by Frieda Hughes here.

3 thoughts on “Frieda Hughes on reading her father’s poetry

  1. Michelle Post author

    I came across this article published in The Times in 2003. It’s old, but I found it interesting and well written, so thought I would share it with you.

  2. Susan Richardson

    I vaguely remember having read this article some years ago, MIchelle – very glad that you’ve drawn my attention to it again.

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