Gaia Holmes’s ‘House Clearance’

House Clearance
Gaia Holmes
Slowly she’s started clearing things out
starting with the useless items:
chipped china cups,
trust shot-through with hairline cracks,
orphaned plugs and fuse wire,
cupboards full of arguments,
the broken stereos
he’d planned to resurrect.
And then there are the things
she’d like to keep
but knows she’ll never use:
those bright, rich nights
that no longer fit,
the creaking songs
of the bed frame
now dull and flat
and out of key,
the sugared lovers’ lingo
that has settled like cobwebs
in the corners of the room.

And love, what’s left of it,
she boils up the bones,
flavours the vapid broth
with stock and spice,
sets up a soup shack
on the ragged edge of town
and serves it to the homeless,
the hungry, the loveless creatures
of the night.

8 thoughts on “Gaia Holmes’s ‘House Clearance’

  1. Julie

    Your poetry makes my soul sing. I have been sitting here, hesitant to leave a comment, because I knew I’d say something cheesy like “your poetry makes my soul sing.”

    But it does. I’m so glad you post it here. Sheer excellence.

  2. Michelle Post author

    Hi Jo 🙂

    Julie, Gaia’s poetry is wonderful. Her first collection is Dr James Graham’s Celestial Bed (Comma Press, 2006). She’s working on a second collection that’ll be worth the wait.

    Dick, thanks so much for visiting.

  3. christine

    Wonderful how love is sound and soup, and how she relates the break-up of a relationship through implication. Great poems you’ve been sharing here.

  4. pat galvin

    Gaia is a wonderful poet. Thanks for making me aware of her.
    you must work so hard to give all this to us. kind regards
    Pat Galvin

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