Baron Wormser’s The Poetry Life

“Feeling your way into the poem is like opening the door of a shadowy room and groping.  You’re not even sure about the floor underneath you – it’s likely not to be level – nor are you sure when you start to touch some objects – which represent feelings because every image is expressive – what they are.  But it’s your room, that’s the main thing, and you come to learn your way around it even though it always remains dark except for that splendor that lives in laying out the words.  Though a poem often is a little thing, twenty lines or even less, a good one is sturdy and knit together like bone, ligament, and muscle.  The poets themselves are often not so sturdy.”
– Baron Wormser, The Poetry Life: ten stories (CavanKerry Press, 2008)

4 thoughts on “Baron Wormser’s The Poetry Life

  1. me2watson

    Hello, Michelle! Who is Peony Moon? That’s a cool name.

    I be sturdy enough, although, I feel a little rough to the touch.

    There is an enormous amount of poetry here for the wordpress crowd.

    I be guilty of some of that. Just browsing today. See you around! Uncle Tree

  2. christine

    At first the description could almost be applied to a dream as well, that groping around process, trying to find one’s way, but then it changes, because of the part about a poem being sturdy. Dreams are so ephemeral. But somehow I do think writing poems and dreaming are vitally connected, at least in their beginnings.

    And yes, poets are less sturdy than the words they knit together. Strange but true.

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