Jean Sprackland

“There is no law of nature that you cannot break in a poem; you can address the dead, speak in the voice of inanimate objects, reverse time, explore other worlds.  You can also, of course, write from the simplest, most familiar or domestic experience.”
– Jean Sprackland
Read more about Jean Sprackland and her poetry here.

7 thoughts on “Jean Sprackland

  1. Michelle Post author

    Hi Julie and Annie.

    Jo, thank you so much for the video link. It’s wonderful!

  2. christine

    You always post quotes that have an uncanny way of reflecting something I’ve touched on recently. We’re in synch, I think. Today I wrote a little thing about a woman reminiscing from the other side.

    Jo pointed out Sprackland’s work to me before. I’m going to read up, and watch the video. Thanks for all the great stuff you share.

  3. 1websurfer

    I love this quote because I publish a magazine that describes that world through the eyes of inanimate objects! Thanks for posting.

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