Mourid Barghouti

“Writing is a displacement, a displacement from the normal social contract.  A displacement from the habitual, the pattern, and the ready form.  A displacement from the common roads of love and the common roads of enmity.  A displacement from the believing nature of the political party.  A displacement from the idea of unconditional support.  The poet strives to escape from the dominant, used language, to a language that speaks itself for the first time.  He strives to escape from the chains of a tribe, from its approvals and taboos.  If he suceeds in escaping and becomes free, he becomes a stranger at the same time.  It is as though the poet is a stranger in the same degree as he is free.”
– Mourid Barghouti

6 thoughts on “Mourid Barghouti

  1. dale

    I like this, but I can’t help thinking that there are many people for whom the exact opposite is true, from the Classical Greek dramatists to the Welsh to Alexander Pope and Whitman — for them the poet is the voice of the people, the one who articulates what every one else is feeling but is too dull to put into words.

  2. christine

    I wonder if these words are speaking to writers as a way of warning us. There is a contract of conventionality we break once we take up the pen in earnest. It can be scary.

  3. Michelle Post author

    What I like about these quotes is that they show us how varied people’s ideas and opinions can be.

    I don’t necessarily agree with every quote I post, but if I post it it’s probably because I think it’s interesting and contains something I want to consider – and that other people may want to consider too.

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