A Fork in the Road: André Brink on Ingrid Jonker

“Until recently, I have chosen not to be drawn into discussions or evocations of her life, notably in documentary films, some unforgivably bad,” he writes.  “But precisely because of these I have begun to believe that perhaps I owe it to her at last to unfold, without drama or melodrama, some of the things I have kept to myself.  Not the icon but the person. The woman I loved.  And who nearly drove me mad.”
Read Andrew Donaldson’s article in The Times.
Read more about South African poet, Ingrid Jonker, on the Poetry International Web.

6 thoughts on “A Fork in the Road: André Brink on Ingrid Jonker

  1. Susan Richardson

    Thanks, Michelle. Am very keen to read more about Ingrid Jonker now!

  2. Christine

    Do all people we love nearly drive us mad, or only a choice few? There are some crazy-makers in this land of love, for sure. I’ll go check out the article about Jonker.

  3. Christine

    Lord a mercy, Michelle. I just read her bio. May the gods love us all for what we do to each other.

    Has her work been translated into English?

  4. Julie

    I couldn’t read the Donaldson article (my computer gets weird sometimes). I’ll keep trying or google it, because I’m very intrigued. I was able to read the Poetry International Web link you have here. What a sad life! To be rejected by a father is horrible!

    I’ll check out the amazon link, too. Thank you!!

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