The Palestine Festival of Literature

From the Press Release:
The second Palestine Festival of Literature is taking place from
23 to 28 May 2009.
Because of the difficulties Palestinians face under military occupation in travelling around their own country, the Festival group of 17 international writers will travel to its audiences in the West Bank.  It will tour to Ramallah, to Jenin, to al-Khalil/Hebron and to Bethlehem.  To mark Jerusalem’s status as Cultural Capital of the Arab World for 2009, the festival will begin and end in Jerusalem.
Michael Palin will be taking part in the festival this year together with:  Suad Amiry, Victoria Brittain, Carmen Callil, Abdulrazak Gurnah, Suheir Hammad, Nathalie Handal, Jeremy Harding, Rachel Holmes, Robin Yassin-Kassab, Brigid Keenan, Jamal Mahjoub, Henning Mankell (accompanied by his wife, Eva Bergman), Deborah Moggach, Claire Messud, Alexandra Pringle, Pru Rowlandson, Raja Shehadeh, Ahdaf Soueif and M G Vassanji.
For the full programme of events please visit the website.

3 thoughts on “The Palestine Festival of Literature

  1. Maggie Emmett

    I congratulate the people of Palestine for still holding this Festival. I thank all the writers for making this journey and I wish I was physically able to join you.
    I especially thank Henning Mankell (a great favourite even since he gave up on detecting – I am still dreaming aboyut the roof top boy- thank you !)
    To Michael Palin good luck with the British tabloid press !
    You will all be branded as anti- semetic so just remembver Arabs are semetic people too !
    Good luck to the Festival and all its participants.
    Please give poets (like me) a space somewhere to send our work.
    kindest regads & great respect

  2. Christine

    Maybe you will be there for the third festival, Michelle. The only way to achieve world peace is by having open communication. What better way than through the free exchange of literature? Thanks for raising my awareness.

  3. Omar Hamilton

    It certainly is possible to come to the festival. I know this year several people are using the Festival as a reason to make their first trip to Palestine.

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