Carol Ann Duffy is named as Poet Laureate

The award-winning poet Carol Ann Duffy has just been named as the United Kingdom’s twentieth Poet Laureate, succeeding Andrew Motion after his ten years in the post.

Carol Ann Duffy gives her first interview as Poet Laureate.
Read more on the BBC News website and in The Guardian.
Carol Rumens’ Guardian blog post: 
Carol Ann Duffy’s talent is more important than her gender.

13 thoughts on “Carol Ann Duffy is named as Poet Laureate

  1. Rethabile

    Yay three! About time, too. I didn’t want a woman to be poet laureate, I wanted a talented poet who is a woman to be poet laureate. I feel the same about other minority poets in Great Britain or anywhere else.

  2. Lucy

    Good news isn’t it? I really think she’ll have the energy and strength and heart to carry it off and not be compromised.

  3. Rethabile

    Love the article. And this:
    In “Valentine” she writes of giving a lover not a heart or a rose, but an onion, whose “fierce kiss will stay on your lips,/possessive and faithful.”

    Take it.
    Its platinum loops shrink to a wedding-ring,
    if you like.
    Its scent will cling to your fingers,
    cling to your knife.

    This is phenomenal in every word, every sound.

  4. tammy

    Would prefer Cope but she made it clear she didn’t want it. The poems in The World’s Wife are mostly fun to read, and reflective.

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