Fiona Robyn’s The Blue Handbag

I stayed up until 2 o’clock on Sunday morning reading The Blue Handbag (Snowbooks, August 2009), Fiona Robyn’s second novel.  Fiona is an accomplished writer with a deep understanding of human nature.  Her evocative descriptions of the natural world and English flora are among the best I’ve read – and she says I can adopt Pickles (Leonard’s dog).

Fiona has started a blog, 100 Readers, which will feature interviews with 100 readers of The Blue Handbag.  If you check in at 100 Readers, you’ll be able to follow her novel as it makes its way in the world.  I’m privileged to be the first reader Fiona interviews.

9 thoughts on “Fiona Robyn’s The Blue Handbag

  1. Julie

    Thank you, Michelle! I just commented over there, but I’ve got to say it here, too. Wonderful interview. I love your answers. I learned things about you I didn’t know, which is awesome. I look forward to reading The Blue Handbag…and, of course, your new book:)

  2. Sue

    I read your interview, Michelle. It was great (terrific photo, too). I’ve got the book – it’s moving it’s way up my tbr file. Looking forward to it reaching the top!

  3. Susan Richardson

    Great interview, Michelle – hope those dogs aren’t too many years away 🙂 I much enjoyed ‘The Letters’ and am looking forward to reading ‘the Blue Handbag’ now.

  4. christine

    Yay, you were first out of 100! I didn’t realize you were the inaugural reader. It sounds like a very good read. Wonderful interview.

  5. Annie

    Loved the interview, it’s a very innovative interesting project… I am so looking forward to reading the book, pleased you chose to send it on to me, hurray!

  6. Regina Clare Jane

    Visiting from Fiona’s post here- and I was very impressed with your interview.
    Right now I am reading The Letters and enjoying it so much!
    Can’t wait to read TBH!
    Thanks so much!

  7. fiona robyn

    Was a pleasure to have you as my inaugaral interviewee, Michelle! I’m really excited about the project and can’t wait to see where the books end up… thank you everyone for your supportive comments. Any help in spreading the word would be much appreciated!

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