Anne Waldman

“One is always writing the “first poem””.
– Anne Waldman
“I remember an early (second?) reading at the St. Marks Church in-the-Bowery parish hall circa 1966/1967.  I was nervous.  I was seated at a wooden table.  I wore a yellow and blue striped dress and my head was bent over my “works”, hair probably in my face.  I remember hearing my young woman – more like a girl – voice and thinking “This isn’t the real voice”.  The real voice was deep inside in my hara – and it was a deeper, more seasoned and musical voice – an ageless voice.  I realized I would eventually have to find the words to match it – the words would have to grow up to the voice and the wisdom of that voice.  This is maybe my life’s work.  It’s not that I have to “find my voice” – it’s already there waiting for me.”
– Anne Waldman

8 thoughts on “Anne Waldman

  1. zoe858

    It happens to everyone….in time…when the conscious and the subconscious (the voice within) meets.

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