Top 100 Poetry Blogs

I’ve received an unexpected email from Suzane Smith of the Online University Reviews website.  Peony Moon has been included in their list of Top 100 Poetry Blogs
I don’t know how the list was compiled or what criteria were applied, but do take a look at the links.  You’re bound to spot a few familiar names and discover some interesting new blogs.
Now seems like a good time to thank the poets who have kindly allowed me to post their work on this blog and to thank Peony Moon’s readers for their time and support.
Thank you.

18 thoughts on “Top 100 Poetry Blogs

  1. Julie

    Michelle!! Congratulations!!!! Jo is so right. Your poetry is excellent, and it is also impressive how many other people you support in such a beautiful way. I’ve gotten much inspiration from reading over here and many ideas for books to read. You are awesome, dear Poet:)

  2. carolee

    i love how you mix up your own writing and musings with the thoughts and poems of others. you belong on a list of top 100!

  3. Christine

    I’m so happy. I was just thrilled when I saw peony moon on the list. You have featured so many great writers here, and I’ve followed so many of your leads, plus I’ve enjoyed your own top-notch work.

  4. Myesha

    Yes, Congratuations, my friend. Your writing is so insightful, you know I love it. And you are always promoting poets and poetry. Recognition for hard work. Thank you.

  5. Jules (uk)

    Well done Michi…. you’ve always been the shiniest star in my heart xXx

  6. upinvermont

    Congratulations #55 from #72. Just noticed that I was on the list yesterday. What *is* on-line university anyway? I have no idea. But… glad to see so many blogs I hadn’t seen before.

    Little by little, I might have time to say hello to everyone.


    Over at Poemshape

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