Carrie Etter’s The Tethers

Cult of the Eye
Carrie Etter
Then I glanced over the treetops, the miles of pasture
the window shows me again and again,
and soon I began to believe the window –
I became a votary in the cult of the eye and the cult
of transparency, because after we spoke
I used a form of to be as an equal sign: you were transparent.
I gleefully forbore the scepticism of seemed.
Admittedly, I nearly said you appeared transparent,
but I put my ear to the window’s mantra
and asseverated your sincerity without reserve.
If this is a love poem, that’s because I’m ready to love everybody.
I’ll gaze on the miles of pasture as the sun descends
and never think I must kneel in the dampening grass –
and you’ll refrain, just for now, from remarking on my naiveté.
First published in Poetry Review and included in The Tethers
(Seren, 2009).
Read more about Carrie and The Tethers here.
Visit Carrie’s blog.
Purchase The Tethers at The Book Depository.

6 thoughts on “Carrie Etter’s The Tethers

  1. Annie

    wow, this is stunning. I love the cover of the book as well, don’t you think it’s fascinating?

  2. Christine

    I agree with Annie, this cover is brilliant. And the poet’s use of language is very unique. I can see why you chose to share this one, Michelle. Wonderful stuff.

  3. Julie

    Such power in the words. I’m also intrigued by the breath of the lines. I love it. It’s a poem I will study. Yes, a great cover. I love the title, too.

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