Louisa Adjoa Parker’s Salt-sweat & Tears

If I spin around and jump and shout
Louisa Adjoa Parker
for Rosina
if i spin around quickly
enough will i catch sight of you,
my ghost-sister, smiling behind me
before you fade like cotton in the sun?
if i jump, keep on jumping,
until my head just peeps
over the top of this world, will i
find myself staring into brown eyes
like mine? if i close my eyes and train
my ears to wring out miniuscule pieces
of forgotten sound from the past,
like splinters of glass, will i hear you
cry? if i shout your name, keep on shouting
will you hear, will you know
                           of my sorrow?
‘If I spin around and jump and shout’ is included in Salt-sweat & Tears (Cinnamon Press, 2007).
Purchase Salt-sweat & Tears from Cinnamon Press.
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3 thoughts on “Louisa Adjoa Parker’s Salt-sweat & Tears

  1. Jo

    Louisa’s a wonderful writer and a fabulous person too. Salt, Sweat and Tears is an excellent collection.

  2. Julie

    This is an amazing piece. Excellent poet. I love the title, too. I imagine the narrator…maybe…looking for her old self. But there are so many levels here. It could be any number of things. That’s why I love it so much. Wonderful use of language and line, too.

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