Simon Freedman’s ‘Unfolding’

Simon Freedman
On the empty desk
in the numb light
he shreds an origami bird
Walking home
he does his best
to lose his way on kindred streets.
Under Waterloo bridge
he fails to picture
the face of an old friend
while the crumpled drift recedes
into the squint
of the evening sun.
He cups his hands
a makeshift seashell
to sound the absent shore
on which he used to dream
in the vagrant winds. 
Forthcoming in South Bank Poetry Magazine.
Visit Simon’s website.

5 thoughts on “Simon Freedman’s ‘Unfolding’

  1. Julie

    I love this poem!! There are so many powerful details in this piece. Each image and line tells many stories. I love that the poet uses such a beautiful voice. The last line says it all. Thank you, Michelle. I will check out his website now. This is awesome.

  2. Pascale

    Lovely Simon, congrats on the publication and thanks so much for coming to More Poetry reading on Monday. Thanks for this Michelle. Px

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