Pascale Petit’s The Treekeeper’s Tale

Pascale Petit has an interesting interview on her new blog.  Romanian MA student, Oana-Teodora Ionesco, interviews the French/Welsh poet about her latest collection, The Treekeeper’s Tale (Seren, 2008).
On her blog, Pascale has also posted photographs and accounts of her trips to Venezuela’s Lost World as well as an article about translating Yang Lian’s ‘The Valley and the End: A Story’.
For fans of Frida Kahlo, Pascale’s fifth collection, What the Water Gave Me – Poems after Frida Kahlo, is to be published in June 2010.
Read the interview by Oana-Teodora Ionescu here.
Visit Pascale’s blog and website.

13 thoughts on “Pascale Petit’s The Treekeeper’s Tale

  1. Barbara S

    That’s a great interview, Michelle, thanks for pointing it up. I read her background with interest – I share a similar background with her.

  2. Michelle Post author

    Hello Barbara, have you read The Treekeeper’s Tale and The Zoo Father? Pascale’s poetry is incandescent.

  3. Regina

    Her poetry certainly is- I agree, Michelle! I esp. love her poetry about Frida, being such a lover of her as well…
    Thanks for the link, dear friend…

  4. Pascale

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks so much for posting my new blog and this interview link. I answered the interview in one day, last Saturday, as it was due in for the MA deadline Sunday, and I think Oana translated it that night. Barbara I’ve written about my background in The Zoo Father (about my father) and The Huntress (about my mother). Thanks for everyone’s kind comments.

  5. Jo

    I am a huge admirer of her work and have Zoo Father and The Treekeeper’s Tale, both of which are superb, there are moments in the latter which literally took my breath away. Interesting to find out she did the cover art herself, it’s beautiful.

  6. Barbara S

    I have come across individual poems of Pascale’s, but I’ve just made a complete pig of myself and e-bought The Zoo Father, The Huntress, The Treekeeper’s Tale & The Wounded Deer… didn’t take much persuading, eh? Looking forward to reading them on my next writing trip away.

  7. Michelle Post author

    I couldn’t think of better reading for your next trip, Barbara!

    I love the term ‘e-bought’ – and I love ‘e-buying’.

  8. Pascale

    Thank you all so much for this encouragement, really helps to keep me writing, and good luck with yours. Barbara thank you, I hope you enjoy the books. And to Jo for what you said about The Treekeeper’s Tale, it was quite hard bringing that book out after the fierce ones.


  9. LnddMiles

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