11 thoughts on “‘Familiar’, a poetry postcard

  1. Jo

    Love the collab and it made me smile as my son’s reading Gobollino at the moment — Grimalkin was his and Sootica’s mother!

  2. Carolee

    this is a wonderful collaboration! tortoise-shell cats are my favorite. did you know they have a reputation for being mean and stubborn? it’s a real treat when you can “tame” one. my “familiar” was one. she had a short but intense life. 🙂

    (interesting how my comment is longer than your poem. *sigh*

  3. Julie

    This is awesome, Michelle. I love the poem and the picture, though it does break my heart. Very haunting. I can imagine the entire story. Wonderful work.

  4. Deb

    My familiar (Frida) is a dilute tortie, quite like this gal. The postcard message broke my heart, but the collaboration itself was gorgeous. Thank you.

  5. Michelle Post author

    Thank you so much for your comments. There’s something special about this cat.

    And my brother is a very good photographer.

    I’ve missed making poetry postcards!

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