Ouroboros Review, Issue Three

I’m delighted to have an interview with John Siddique and two poems included in the third issue of poetry and art journal, ouroboros review. If you are interested, do take a look at the magazine here.
Contributors include John Siddique, Denise Duhamel, John Walsh, Susan Richardson, Karen Head, Matthew Hittinger, Dustin Brookshire, Louisa Adjoa Parker, Lorna Shaughnessy, Cheryl Snell, Carolee Sherwood and Joyce Ellen Davis, among others.

7 thoughts on “Ouroboros Review, Issue Three

  1. Michelle Post author

    Congratulations on a beautiful issue, Jo Hemmant and Christine Swint! x

  2. carolee

    and look at your beautiful name in lights right there on the cover! congrats!

    (i’m happy to be sharing the pages with you, as well.)


  3. Michelle Post author

    Barbara, I hope you enjoy it.

    I love your poem, Carolee, and think the photograph next to it suits it so well too.

  4. Christine

    Thanks for being a part of our adventures Michelle. I have read your poems in Issue 3 many times, and each time I enjoy them. The interview with John Siddique is very entertaining and enlightening. Well done!

  5. Julie

    I had a great time reading it all this weekend. Your work is beautiful!! The interview is wonderful, too. I enjoyed it all. Congratulations on such excellent work:)

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