Wislawa Szymborska on inspiration

” … inspiration is not the exclusive privilege of poets or artists generally.  There is, has been, and will always be a certain group of people whom inspiration visits.  It’s made up of all those who’ve consciously chosen their calling and do their job with love and imagination.  It may include doctors, teachers, gardeners – and I could list a hundred more professions.  Their work becomes one continuous adventure as long as they manage to keep discovering new challenges in it.  Difficulties and setbacks never quell their curiosity.  A swarm of new questions emerges from every problem they solve. Whatever inspiration is, it’s born from a continuous ‘I don’t know’.”
– Wislawa Szymborska, 1996 Nobel Lecture

7 thoughts on “Wislawa Szymborska on inspiration

  1. christine

    Your new header art is stunning. It looks like a sunburst of blossoms.

    Yes, anyone can live a creative life, as long as we don’t let bureaucracy suck it out of us.

  2. Julie

    I know many people who are creative in their lives and work. Many are blue collar people who work with their hands. They are innovative and wonderfully imaginative. We do not “own” creativity or inspiration, that’s for sure! Great quote.

  3. npthompson

    an excellent quote — Wislawa’s good, isn’t she? I’ve read aloud a couple of her poems to supposedly free-thinking friends of mine who were just dumbfounded by the poet’s use of irony. “The Terrorist, He’s Watching” being a prime example.

  4. closerocean

    Inspirational! Szymborska’s curiosity is what makes her observations and poems so unique. She has her own way of viewing the world. It’s often ironic and hits you from someplace you weren’t expecting. After reading her poems, I decided to write a whole CD’s worth of pop songs based on her amazing poetry. Her works were so interesting that the inspiration just flowed and the music complements the words. The band is Closer Ocean and can be found at http://www.closerocean.com

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