Sarah Hills’ Floral Planet

“Our response to the world is essentially one of wonder, of confronting the mysterious with a sense, not of being small, or insignificant, but of being part of a rich and complex narrative.”

– John Burnside

Sarah's flowers.a
Sarah's flowers.b
Sarah's flowers.c
Sarah's flowers.d
Sarah's flowers.e
Sarah's flowers.f
Sarah's flowers.g

12 thoughts on “Sarah Hills’ Floral Planet

  1. Michelle Post author

    Regina, Sarah created peony moon’s header. She’s enormously talented and a wonderful, generous person.

  2. Susan Richardson

    Gorgeous images!

    Also wanted to annoint you with the Kreativ Blogger Award! (The ‘rules’ of the award can be found on my blog.) I never fail to enjoy your posts, Michelle, so wanted to pass the award on to you.

  3. Julie

    Beautiful pictures! I could stare at those flowers for an hour. I hope I told you how much I love the header, too. I love orange in any design, but this one is just spectacular. What a talented artist.

    Isn’t it awesome to be part of that rich and complex narrative? Have a beautiful weekend, sis:)

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