Kim Addonizio on fear of failure

“Fear of failure is the biggest thing that blocks creativity. It makes you give up too soon on a project, or on a writing life.”
– Kim Addonizio, about creativity interview, 2007
” … How many days
are left of my life, how much does it matter if I manage to say
one true thing about it –”
– Kim Addonizio, ‘The Numbers’
Tell Me (BOA Editions, 2000)

4 thoughts on “Kim Addonizio on fear of failure

  1. Julie

    I love the quotes. My fear of failure often keeps me from submitting. I especially love the second quote. How many days are left? Okay, it’s time to submit something right now. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  2. christine

    Yep. Fear that maybe I really do suck. But the fear of dying and not saying what I need to say is worse, so I keep writing. I like her silver rings and her cool tattoo.

  3. Joy

    actually think – how can I do what I need to before the end … we all know the end is coming.

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