Horizon Review: Issue Three

I’m very pleased to have two poems and an interview with 
Pascale Petit in the third issue of online literary journal,
Horizon Review
The issue is filled with good writing:  poetry, fiction, reviews,
interviews and articles.
Read more here …

11 thoughts on “Horizon Review: Issue Three

  1. Julie

    Congratulations, Michelle! I love both poems! The second stanza in “Madame Bovary’s Final Visit” is just brilliant. All of it is, but that stanza leaped out at me with music and image. Excellent work. I’m so happy when I get to read your poems. I look forward to the day when your new book will come out.

    I also love the interview. You have a talent for asking questions that will elicit interesting responses. I love the question and answer about creating a sculpture as compared to writing a poem. Wonderful!

  2. Michelle Post author

    Thanks so much, Julie.

    Pascale was a wonderful interviewee and I was particularly happy to interview her as I admire her work a great deal.

  3. Barbara S

    I’m still working through HR, it’s such a strong issue. Your work is, of course, very good indeed; and the interview is really well done. I find myself astonished to be in such talented company!

  4. christine

    You are one talented writer, Michelle. It’s a fabulous magazine, too. It’s so nice that you and Jo happen to be in it together!

  5. Jo Hemmant

    Yep, great poems, especially the Remise. I’m off to read the interview now, I’m still working my way through Horizon, it’s an excellent issue.

  6. Jill

    These poems are gorgeous! Gorgeous. As I read along, I kept waiting for the next amazing word or turn of phrase.

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