Michael Swan’s ‘comb’

Michael Swan

Michael Swan

Michael Swan works in English language teaching and applied linguistics. He has been writing poetry for many years, driven no doubt by an unconscious need to prove that grammarians have souls. His poems have been published widely in magazines, and have won a number of prizes. He clings to the belief that it is possible to write good poetry that is neither difficult nor boring, and he often finds humour a useful tool in dealing with a seriously confusing universe. Michael’s first collection, When They Come For You, was published by Frogmore Press in 2003 and was very well received. He is now looking for a publisher for his second collection.
Michael Swan
I was sure
it was her comb
lying on the pavement.
And I ran after her
‘Excuse me
but you dropped your comb’
and she turned
a woman I had never seen before
and she told me
it was not her comb.
She seemed unwilling
to discuss the matter further
and walked on
rather quickly.
She had hair like yours
and the comb, too
was like one of those
you used to leave everywhere
on tables, shelves, windowledges,
in the car, on your pillow.
I was sure it was your comb.
© Michael Swan 2005
Read more of Michael’s work at poetry p f.

4 thoughts on “Michael Swan’s ‘comb’

  1. Sue

    This is wonderful. Thanks for “introducing” him to me. And do pass on my good wishes for his finding a new publisher (it’s a rocky boat we both share).

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