I Would Like to Describe

'Coiled Creature of the Night' (from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope)

“we fall asleep
with one hand under our head
and with the other in a mound of planets”
– Zbigniew Herbert
from ‘I Would Like to Describe’ by Zbigniew Herbert,
The Collected Poems 1956 – 1998 (Ecco, 2007)

5 thoughts on “I Would Like to Describe

  1. Michelle Post author

    Lovely to see you here, Red bird. I hope you’re well.

    I think it’s a great poem:

    “I would like to describe a light
    which is being born in me
    but I know it does not resemble
    any star
    for it is not so bright
    not so pure
    and is uncertain”

    And NASA’s photojournal contains breathtaking satellite and telescope images of the universe:


  2. Julie

    I love how the poem feels like both the act of writing and the act of living at the same time, which makes beautiful sense. I want to describe it that way, too. Then right in the middle of the poem, “but apparently this is not possible.” The stanza you highlight is amazing, as is the last one. Wonderful poem.

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