Thank you for 2009

“On those evenings when I need to fall in love with my life again, I step out the door, down the front steps, and past the iron gate that surrounds our town house. For emphasis, I slam the gate and listen for the clang that reverberates, travelling down each iron post.
I’m outside my life now, a visitor at the gate.”
– Rebecca McClanahan, Word Painting
(Writers Digest Books, 2000)
May 2010 bring you everything you need and may you look at life with new eyes.

14 thoughts on “Thank you for 2009

  1. Annie

    I love this, it’s a beautiful quote, a different way of looking at life, I might try it today!

  2. Liz

    Lovely words, Michelle…and it is true about the magic of ‘seeing’ what one already has with new eyes…appreciation…oh yes! Thanks… : )

  3. Michelle Post author

    All the best for 2010, Annie, Liz and Sorlil. I hope it’s an inspiring year for you. May your writing go from strength to strength.

  4. Michelle Post author

    Thank you for your support and companionship on the journey, Dale x

  5. Julie

    What a great excerpt. Happy New Year, Michelle! It has been a pleasure to read your work and peony moon. I hope your 2010 is filled with much happiness. You are beautiful!

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