Maggie Butt’s petite

Maggie Butt’s petite (Hearing Eye, 2010) follows her first full collection, Lipstick (Greenwich Exchange, 2007). Maggie’s poems have appeared widely in magazines and on the internet. She is an ex-journalist and BBC television producer, and is currently head of the Media department of Middlesex University. She lives in London and is chair of the National Association of Writers in Education.
Ant Life
Maggie Butt
Scurrying in and out of readings
lugging our self-important words
like leaf-clippings half our own size;
busying ourselves with so-and-so’s review,
award, obituary. Coming and going
going and coming, weaving through grass
stalks as if they were forest giants
gazing up at the jack-booted humans
and higher, to the birds, longing to fly.
Maggie Butt
This Rue is where my daughter plans to live:
a tattoo artist yelling at a drunk;
three old men sun their leathered chests and give
her leering looks; a flame-haired punk
holds fresh baguette and tiny dogs on leads;
a corner bar boasts cross-dress cabaret;
the scent of urine rises; heat forms beads
of sweat – a spring Parisian bouquet.
But strangers share their picnic in the park
and she will climb five flights of champagne night
where rooftops of Montmartre after dark
gleam with reflected gold and ruby light,
throw wide the shutters, sip the air’s rich wine,
intoxicated, think, “All this is mine.”
from petite (Hearing Eye, 2010)
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£5 (incl. p & p) will get you a signed copy.

Maggie Butt

Pocket-sized poems from the author of Lipstick.
“Maggie Butt’s miniatures are witty, wise, original and compassionate, with a vision which ranges from the mundane to the sublime, and a concern for the language and craft of poetry which is apparent on every page.”
– James Aitchison
“Here are poems that are lyrical, highly-visual, and that dance off the page with delightful immediacy. In exquisitely-framed cameos, Maggie Butt explores relationships and events with an eye to the paradoxes and ironies.”
– Katherine Gallagher
“These small poems are tender, hopeful and unreasonably delightful.”
– Helena Nelson
“Maggie Butt is a poet with a supple intelligence which joins neatly with her sense of music. This makes her take on reality a pleasure to read.”
– Sebastian Barker
Visit Maggie’s website,
Read more of Maggie’s work at poetry p f, including Lipstick’s title poem.

One thought on “Maggie Butt’s petite

  1. Julie

    Excellent poet! “Pigalle” brought tears to my eyes. I picture my daughter in New York City. She’s so young, and I worry about the world hurting her–the drunks, the men leering at her, etc.

    But when I visit, we climb those five rickety flights of stairs, and I can see the pride and wonder in her eyes when she opens the windows and shows me the view from the rooftop. She taught me the beauty of a city. It is all hers. And Maggie Butt captures that feeling perfectly. Thank you for her poems. It made my day!

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