Essence and alchemy

“In a bouquet of mixed roses, most people can distinguish at a glance the delicacy of a tea rose from the voluptuousness of a cabbage rose, but how many could so readily differentiate between the tea rose’s scent of freshly harvested tea and the spicy, honeylike, rich floral scent of the cabbage?”
– Mandy Aftel, Essence & Alchemy (Bloomsbury, 2001)

2 thoughts on “Essence and alchemy

  1. Julie

    A beautiful quote…and so true! The sense of smell is too often overlooked in poetry and in life. Thank you for another wonderful thought!

  2. HKatz

    Humans are built with vision as the primary sense, and so for smell we need to make an extra effort to pick up the finer distinctions. I do love though how photographs, poems, etc. that we take in through vision can evoke and stimulate the other senses.

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