Once upon a time

“Fairytales were maps formed of blood and hair and bones; they were the knots of the sub-conscious unwound. Every word in every tale was real and as true as apples and stones. They all led to the story inside the story.”
– Alice Hoffman
“A red map isn’t easy to follow. Any document made of blood and bones is tricky. Wrong turns are easily made, and there are often piles of stones in the road. A person has to disregard time and sorrow and all the damage done. If you follow, if you dare, the thread always leads to whomever or whatever you’ve forgotten …”

– Alice Hoffman
“I always felt and still feel that fairytales have an emotional truth that is so deep that there are few things that really rival them.”
– Alice Hoffman
Visit www.alicehoffman.com.

2 thoughts on “Once upon a time

  1. Julie

    Awesome quotes!! I love fairy tales and folks tales. She is so right about the emotional truth in those stories. Beautiful pictures, too!

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