Kerouac in France

“I tried to hitchhike through Provence, outside Aix, where Cézanne painted, ended up hiking 20 miles but it was worth it …  sat on side of hills and pencil sketched drawings of the Cézanne country, dull red rusty rooftops, blue hills, white stones, green fields, hasn’t changed in all these years … mauve tan farm houses in quiet fertile farmer’s valleys, rustic, with weathered pink powder roof tiles, a grey green mild warmness, voices of girls, gray stacks of baled hay, a fertilized chalky garden, a cherry tree in white bloom (April), a rooster crowing at mid day mildly, tall Cézanne trees in back … etc. just like Cézanne nein? Then a rattly old bus through Arles country, the restless afternoon trees of Van Gogh in the high mistral wind, the cypress rows tossing, yellow tulips in window boxes, a vast outdoor café with huge awning, and the gold sunlight …”
– Jack Kerouac in a letter to Ed White dated 28 April 1957

5 thoughts on “Kerouac in France

  1. Michelle Post author

    Dr Dale and Mr Koshtramole! 🙂

    I think it’s a charming piece of writing, too.

  2. Julie

    I love Kerouac. This description is awesome. It sounds like heaven, and I’d love to travel to Provence and walk those twenty miles!

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