Naomi Woddis: Three Poems

Naomi Woddis

Naomi Woddis has featured at the O2 Wireless Festival, Theatre Royal Stratford East and the Queen Elizabeth Hall as part of the London Literature Festival. She is Poet in Residence at Culpeper Community Garden, Islington. Her innovative collaborative online invention, Poetry Mosaic, is gaining in international popularity. Her pamphlet, Life is Music, was published in 2007.
This is the hour when a lip
tells half-truths in the un-lit
dark. Your name’s a tug
on my slip-knot self,
your words what I miss
the most. I make tiny airborne
stabs at truth; there is no us.
I miss the tips of our tongues
touching, the lisp of our kisses,
a gulp of too few days together.
Bricks shudder in their sockets, spoilt
by windless nights, the waning moon a slit
in a frozen sky. The walls groan as you
are left wondering what rage will come
on this sullen night. You’ve lost all sense
of what is real – only the haunting, this storm
rising and you hungry for sleep. Alone
on this abandoned evening; a poet,
fists like a boxer, fighting your own ogre.
This oil is slick and immovable, grabbing
at each tide, just ask the seagulls. They talk
of the scar this black sea leaves. The salt trace is a halo
in this jigsaw desert, each footstep almost holy.
These are what tears feel like underfoot, a rhyme
of broken vowels, the breath snuffed out, some
one’s voice hanging in the elevator shaft. Hourly
the visitors come to claim what is not theirs. Sly
as dogs on the hunt for their supper, their calm
persuasiveness is a lie. They take and take, macho
and unapologetic. Meanwhile the gulls cry, wet as clay,
a brand new ocean of sadness weeps. Coal-hard
voices, slick as chrome will wonder why they came.
Visit Poetry Mosaic, an online invention.
Visit Moments of Chaos and Nostalgia, photography by Dan Wesker and poetry by Naomi Woddis.

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