The Many Moods of a Diva

What do you get when two Divas share the stage?
You get transported on wings of song by a Singing Diva (Amanda Foster) and brought back down to earth with the linguistic musings of a Poetic Diva (Kerry Hammerton).
For the first time, Amanda and Kerry share the stage to present an evening of women, song, poetry and wine.
Musically the programme includes moody Divas from opera, musical theatre as well as the more contemporary Diva. You will recognise some of your favourites by Verdi, Grieg, Britten and Gershwin.
Poetically the programme explores the poetry of Kerry Hammerton from the longing for love, despair, lust, a search for identity and clear instructions on how to mourn (and love) a Diva.
WHEN:  Saturday, 19 February 2011
TIME:  20h00
WHERE:  NG Kerk, Main Road, Three Anchor Bay
TICKETS:  R50 per person
              (includes glass of wine after the concert)
For tickets
Call Kerry (082 814 8503) or
Amanda (082 420 2757)
For more information please follow this link:
The Many Moods of a Diva

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